The Norwegian Hydrological Council is a co-operative body open to all Norwegian institutions, organisations, governmental bodies and corporations working in the field of hydrology.

The Council was established in 1995 and has 28 institutional members. Its mandate includes the following:

  • Organize hydrological meetings, symposia, conferences and courses;
  • Act as the Norwegian liaison for the International Hydrological Programme (IHP);
  • Promote co-operation and research co-ordination amongst Norwegian hydrological institutions;
  • Provide information on international hydrology initiatives and co-ordinate Norwegian participation;
  • Promote hydrological research and education;
  • Disseminate relevant hydrological data and knowledge.

Contact information:
Chair: Hege Hisdal (

3rd Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes

September 7-9, 2015, Lillehammer, Norway The integration of hydrology and meteorology is crucial for understanding present and future climate and its effects on various aspects of society. Extreme weather may cause increased frequency of floods, droughts, landslides and damages to infrastructure. The demand for and the production potential of renewable energy are also strongly linked […]