31st Nordic Hydrological Conference (NHC2020)

Konferansen avholdes i Tallinn 10.-13. august 2020. Hovedtema vil bli: «Hydrology and Water-related Ecosystems».

Temaer som skal behandles:

  • Knowledge gaps in the interactions between hydrology, ecosystems and global change
  • Hydrological and ecological modelling
  • Approaches for monitoring, assessment, protection and restoration for water and ecosystem services
  • Water and ecosystems for human well-being
  • Water policy and governance

Key-note speakers er:

  • Tarmo Soomere (president of Estonian Academy of Sciences, Estonia)
  • Nathan D. Stansell (Northern Illinois University, USA)
  • Pertti Ala-aho (University of Oulu, Finland)
  • Brian Kronvang (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Håkan Tropp (OECD Water Governance Programme)

Abstractfrist er: 22. mars 2020.
Påmeldingsfrist: 20. mai 2020.

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